Alejandra martin laguna

Highly interested in achieving beauty, equilibrium, sophistication.
Everything built must be an extension of ourselves, something personal; private or to share.
Able to understand what the client wants, what he says and what he doesnt say.
I don't create spaces but sensational atmospheres.
Why me? Because i'm not interested in creating sculptoric spaces  fully furnished that occupy the gap but share a shallow sense.

Architecture should be a loyal reflection of the connection between the designer -the architect- and the muse, -the client-. The architect has the tools, experience and knowledge, but the client carves de idea. That's the reason why buildings should be different to each other: Identity, DNA.

Always Following the guidelines of , environmental psychology, neuroscience for architecture and Feng shui principles. 

"Our home is a living ecosystem.

We must nurture and cherish it to gain a positive reinforcement towards the people that live within it"

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